Learn about keeping chickens

https://share.icloud.com/photos/0F9p-vIltMHz8oxNPqny12dMA#Fallbrook_-_Deluz Great intro video to learn about keeping chickens

Are you a “Safe” place for bees?

Listening to my husband teach the beekeeping class for our local 4h group and hearing him sharing about bees at our farmers market location, I gained some insight  about bees . I know and admire his knowledge and I admit that i am still learning allot about bees and their behaviors. But, what i am …

Farmers Market: Getting the best EGGS

Going to a farmers market does not always guarantee that you are going to get good quality eggs, produce, etc…but , it is a slight step better than the commercial grocery store. You want, no I mean , NEED to have a relationship with the farmers. Go ahead, talk to them , ask them questions!..We …

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