Dehydrating Grapefruit for bath Products and more

I love the smell of grapefruit!…And in this season, its Spring here..the grapefruit are at their biggest and best. Grapefruit is revitalizing, can help with softening of the skin, and is said to help with depression, plus it has this awesome scent! We use the grapefruit in our bath teas, salts , soak and soaps […]


Are you a “Safe” place for bees?

Listening to my husband teach the beekeeping class for our local 4h group and hearing him sharing about bees at our farmers market location, I gained some insight  about bees . I know and admire his knowledge and I admit that i am still learning allot about bees and their behaviors. But, what i am […]

Yes , yes you can raise meat chickens!

Yes, I know..there’s allot of controversy about where our food comes these days. Is it organic? Is it natural? Free range..and what does this all mean anyway? You know , I have noticed, more and more non farm people are asking about raising their own meat..and a good place to start is a meat chicken. […]

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