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Make your Own Bath Bombs

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Making your own bath bombs is really quit easy and fun! You should be making your own as opposed to those store bought, commercially made ,chemical laden ones that may look cool, smell cool..but really are not good for you or body. Why put chemicals on your biggest organ, your skin!..

Of course, we make and sell bath bombs that are natural and are made the way I am going to show you can support us by buying some from us …but you still can make your own…heres a list of ingredients that you will need to gather before starting :

baking soda

citric acid

essential oils

large mixing bowl

freezer paper

molds (can use muffin tins or bath bomb mold)

water sprayer with mist setting


bath tea/herbs(optional)

Himalyan sea salt (optional)

clays, epsom salts, optional

supplies…measuring cups and large bowl, clean surface

clean surface area..i like to clean the area off and place a layer of paper towels down as well …get your gloves on and measure : 1 cup citric acid and 2 cups of baking soda..mix with hands to get all the clumps out…if you want colored bombs..put a small amount of clay (there’s rose clay for red or pink , etc) artificial colors etc ..mix well with hands..

make a volcano in the middle of the dry ingredients..

make your dry ingredients looks like a a finger in the middle to represent the volcano opening….

get your bath bomb molds near you and ready ..heres where you add the salts, teas herbs etc
now, in your hole, add the oils:

1/2 tsp each of essential oils of your choice ..I will have some combinations below to try..

now, start mixing with your hands, and every little bit or so , spritzing with water until the mixture holds together ..not too much water! be careful or they will not set in your molds…

when its holding together well, pack the half of the mold tightly, then add a little on top to hold the two sides together…now do the same for the other half and squish them together..remove the excess and carefully place them on the freezer paper, in the molds to dry , preferably over night.
after drying over night and removing the molds…I let them dry an additional day especially if its been humid out..

aren’t they pretty???

have crumbs??bag those up too, they will fizz…enjoy one per bath (these are the size of baseballs)

my favorite combinations:



rosemary /eucalyptus


hope you enjoy making your own!!! cant wait to see what yours looks like!..

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thank you for learning with us , Jen

Make your own Hand Sanitizer

Make your own hand sanitizer..Really, it is not hard , and for most of you, you may have your own ingredients already …Lets get started!

First of all , I have made this before and was using before this virus thing started, I prefer to know what is in my bath and body products..and I would rather make it than buy it ..if I can. A bottle of sanitizer lasts about 6 months, but since this virus thing..Mine have been depleted, going through a bottle or two a month.

I love to use up my own aloe plants with this recipe, but I have some aloe gel and some liquid 100% aloe too if I need to do it quick. Lets gather the ingredients:

91 %iso propyl alcohol

real aloe or aloe gel/liquid

optional: glycerin

optional: drop or two of essential oils ..I like rosemary, lavender, etc

freshly cut aloe..I do sell these on the farm and market

fresh aloe is not scary to deal with, just be careful it does have thorns as you can see..if you are using fresh aloe…I first cut off the spikes, then slice it in half and scoop the gel out ..that’s it !..can save the tip to replant..these grow easy..the left overs..I stick in the freezer just in case of a burn..sunburn , etc ..aloe has great healing properties!

scooping aloe out
aloe into the measuring cup…cool huh???

you will need 1/3 of a cup of aloe..scoop it in the measuring cup and dump all of the remaining ingredients in to a blender and blend on high for about a minute…pour it in to your favorite dispensing container (i reuse mine) ..also, if using fresh aloe, i keep my sanitizer in the fridge…you don’t have to , I just do ..shake a bit before each use .

that’s it ..easy huh????..


2/3 cup 91% isopropyl alcohol

1/3 cup fresh aloe (or aloe gel/liquid)

tablespoon of vegetable glycerin (optional)..I just like it ,,makes it a touch thicker

drop or two of essential oil (again, optional..i use 1 drop lavender, 1 drop rosemary)

my sanitizer….

Thank you so much for checking out my sanitizer recipe..please check us out online at to support our little farm.


Make your own : Vanilla Extract

I decided, since we are quarantined in house and I have been putting off making all the things I have been wanting to in a while, that I wanted to make really good vanilla extract (mine is store bought). I have heard that its better than store bought and possibly synthetic (ewwww…really???)…and they were right!..Its so better ….

How I did this : first , I cleaned a canning jar (new one ..), got some good vodka (you can use any vodka..but if you have good stuff ..why not?? I can make a drink for me to sip while I make this ..ha!

A few vanilla beans…I purchased these (believe it or not) at our local store : Major Market..bourbon vanilla beans…

Heres my set up:

Here I use : two vanilla beans per cup of vodka..I put them in a small jar. Now you will want to make sure your liquid does not touch the lid…but other than that place your jar with the beans and the vodka together , and let it sit in a dry, no direct sunlight place , and check it once a week. Seriously, that’s it….easy , right?

Here I had to cut the bean to make it fit…lol
This is a week later (don’t forget to label your vanilla and date it )
This is two weeks ..I give it a little shake and a smell every week starting to smell sooo yummy!

These make perfect gifts too!~

If yours gets low, just add some more vodka…the older it is , the better it is . Use it in all of your recipes…we like to put about half a tsp in our pancake mix …YUM!!!

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Thank you for reading …let me know how it turned out!


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