Yes , yes you can raise meat chickens!

Yes, I know..there’s allot of controversy about where our food comes these days. Is it organic? Is it natural? Free range..and what does this all mean anyway? You know , I have noticed, more and more non farm people are asking about raising their own meat..and a good place to start is a meat chicken.

What is a meat chicken? It is typically a Cornish cross hybrid..( a Cornish breed bred to a white Rock ) ..creating a fast growing, meaty chicken that can be processed in as little as 6 to 8 weeks of age. No, they are not genetically modified, hormone is just a mix of meaty , fast growing cornish, mixed with a larger production breed… Not allot of time commitment,  not allot of space needed, and you can order these chicks either through your local feed store..or better yet , yourself and they willbe delivered to your local postoffice! 

A little research about what your county regulations allow and your local HOA, but most people that can handle a small flock of chickens( or are able to) can have a few meat chickens ( broilers). You will need a brood er box ( a small enclosed pen, with a heat lamp  , a feeder and waterer).When the chicks get big enough,,a grow pen to let them “finish” growing. Remember, it only takes between 6 to 8 weeks total, so once your new chicks arrive, be aware that the processing day will be here faster than you think!

Think about knowing where your food came from, where and how they were raised..and that you raised it! You can do this…

Worried about processing? Best bet would be to find a local farmer to watch processing , or there’s lots of you tube videos, references, etc..remember..relax, you can do it..think about how awesome it is to have done this yourself!

Farmers Market: Getting the best EGGS

Going to a farmers market does not always guarantee that you are going to get good quality eggs, produce, etc…but , it is a slight step better than the commercial grocery store.

You want, no I mean , NEED to have a relationship with the farmers. Go ahead, talk to them , ask them questions!..We sell eggs and are certified, and are always available to answer questions about our eggs, hens, feed , etc…and so should the other farmers. At first glance, are the eggs clean?

There should be no, I mean no fecal matter on the eggs…why?..Fecal matter provides a means for things to grow: parasites, bacteria, and its just plain gross!..The hens nest boxes and areas should be clean, and that will keep the eggs clean and in better condition..this goes for the hens too . Hens kept in dirty areas, with dirty nest boxes, can be subject to diseases and parasites too dont want that!

The farmer should be open about how the hens are housed. Are they really free range..or are they caged? ( we are not saying that you will get bad eggs if they are caged, we are saying that the farm selling these eggs should be informed enough to be able to tell you where the eggs come from, and how)..kept in crowded cages or open pens?..Does the farmer know what breeds the chickens are (yes, you will be surprised about how little some of the farmers really know..and that my friend should be another deciding factor about purchasing products from them) this a front for a commercial operation?…Certified does not mean organic, just means that they have chickens that can lay eggs, and the inspector has seen the chickens. Ask questions, most of us pride ourselves in our animals, our products and you really cant shut us up about it..but if they clam up or dont know the answer…best not to buy from them.

Are the eggs out in the sun? Direct sunlight can have a devastating effect on egg quality. The sun can enable bacteria to grow, it can deplete the vitamins and minerals in the egg, and can effect the shelf life of the egg. Again, use your observation…does it look good?..

When you get the eggs home. Does the yolk “stand up”?..Does it have a orangish or dark yellow color?  does the “whites” of the egg stay near the yolk  or do they appear liquidy?..All of these things will determine great egg quality..and keep you coming back!







Milk…the goat…


Milking can be a rewarding experience and delishous one as well.Plus your girls will enjoy it .
Getting that great creamy milk every day is an easy task..but it takes a little time and building good routine helps too. We start by always offering good food and fresh water… next,making sure hooves are trimmed..worming is on time and goats are comfy…we use skin so soft to help keep fly’s away ..
Next,using sanitized stainless steel buckets…is a must. We have the milk bucket and we have a wash bucket filled with warm water and a drop of dish soap.
Get all set up..then we put our goat in the milking station….we do a quick inspection ..then use a light mist of udder wash and wipe off with our damp clean cloth from the wash bucket…hands are clean…we spray out the first squeeze from the teat..position our milk bucket..and away we go…
After we milk …we put the bucket in ice water to cool the milk….spray the udders with a chlorhex udder spray… and you are now ready to process your milk….

Hello from Land of Milk and Honey


Hello..from The Land of Milk and Honey Soap!
We are a family farm business that works together to produce natural products from our Land.We formulate and hand make soaps,balms and eggs…and other products from our farm. We are involved in 4-h and will be helping with creating a new bee club this Fall…hope you continue to follow us for farm information,recipes,events,and whatever adventures we have!

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