Watch “Anna ( 10) showing how she cards her wool” on YouTube



Make your own Hand Sanitizer

Make your own hand sanitizer..Really, it is not hard , and for most of you, you may have your own ingredients already …Lets get started! First of all , I have made this before and was using before this virus thing started, I prefer to know what is in my bath and body products..and I […]

Make your own : Vanilla Extract

I decided, since we are quarantined in house and I have been putting off making all the things I have been wanting to in a while, that I wanted to make really good vanilla extract (mine is store bought). I have heard that its better than store bought and possibly synthetic (ewwww…really???)…and they were right!..Its […]

Easy Way to Dye Wool

I have been racking my brain for an easy, not complicated way to dye wool for my kids fiber class, and I think I have got it ! I started with giving them all a bag of unwashed, raw wool of multiple different animals. This allowed them to see what different textures, animals, breeds, etc […]

Dehydrating Grapefruit for bath Products and more

I love the smell of grapefruit!…And in this season, its Spring here..the grapefruit are at their biggest and best. Grapefruit is revitalizing, can help with softening of the skin, and is said to help with depression, plus it has this awesome scent! We use the grapefruit in our bath teas, salts , soak and soaps […]

Drying Eucalyptus to use in your bath

Eucalyptus leaves are very stimulating for mind and body , they help with de congestion and is soothing at the same time. I use them in my bath teas (a mix of dried herbs, spices, green tea, flowers , citrus ..depends on my need at the time, in a tea bag) and I use them […]

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