needle felted gnome with needle felted heart diffuser

These guys are so fun to make and easy!..The heart is just needle felted then needle fleted on..the essential oils are then dropped on the any combination and reapplied as needed..can be put on a desk near a computer, school desk, home office, kitchen , bathroom..also makes a great gift!

Lets get started!

wrapped roving ..then starting to needle felt it ..

Get your supplies ready: two or three felting needles..

foam pad, merino (or mixed wool) core wool..I like white

merino wool batt or roving : any color for the hat

wool in flesh color : for the nose,

wool in red : for the heart

wool locks or Nohair (Angora goat locks) for the beard….you decide how big or small you want this guy…use what you have and remember…have fun.

First: I took my wool roving in white and rolled it really form a ice cream shaped thing to start with ..remember, as you needle felt it , it will shrink…so keep that in mind…see above..

after wrapping the white wool tightly, I started needle felting it ..REMEMBER, when needle felting..always poke in straight and out straight, and you dont need to go all the way in to the foam..otherwise, you may break a needle. The bottom part is the main part and that will be for the nose and beard..the top smaller part , is to support the hat and heart…keep felting until its fairly firm.

now, once your base is firm…pull enough wool to cover the top portion and a few inches more for the hat portion…I like to pull several layers, lay them side by side and lightly needle felt them together ..enough that I can take it and wrap it around the base …this is the hat…I chose, above..

wrqp your chosen colored wool around the base make your hat…

keep needle felting this until its firmly attached and becoming a solid piece. See above..this process took me about 20 minutes so far…I like to sit and watch a movie and felt ..its relaxing, but be sure not to take your eye off of your needle too may end up with a painful prick!

Basically, you keep poking until YOU are happy with it..remember, it needs to hold up for years or more and it needs to hold up the heart,,so make it as firm as you can. Allot of beginners do not felt it firm enough..just keep going until you are really happy with it.

hat and base are firm now..time for the next step

real easy,,just take a very small amount of flesh colored wool (or light yellow as I have here)..and roll it up, tight..I lightly needle felt it on the matt..then just place it where I want it on the base…and needle felt around the nose to hold it in place …just sculpt it how you want ..theres no right or wrong, take a small amount of red wool and start shaping the heart…

just keep lightly felting with your needle to get a heart shape..when you are happy..find just the right place to put this on the gnome hat….See the pattern around the inside of the heart?..I just needle felted it there ,,over and over on the gnome hat until I felt it was attached enough.

once you have the heart attached well, then grab your locks for the best part of all!!! the Beard..this is what I believe makes or gives my gnomes their character…I grabbed some cleaned Mohair locks( My angora goat fibers…) I take these and pull them apart and stat attaching them at the chin area and go up…there’s no right or wrong way to do this..just do what looks good……you can give him a giant mustache, and really , really long beard, or what ever you like ..its all up to you!

all done! can put 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oils or blends directly to the heart..and re apply as often as needed..I like to put my guy where
I am most of the time you can make one for each room, give as a gift, make small enough for a car, home office or what ever!..

Have fun creating !..or you can order some from us..we make them here, all from our own wool, angora locks, we dye it , card it , all of it hand..

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Thank you! and please share your photos if you made these!

Jen and Anna, from Land of Milk and Honey.

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