Make your own : Vanilla Extract

I decided, since we are quarantined in house and I have been putting off making all the things I have been wanting to in a while, that I wanted to make really good vanilla extract (mine is store bought). I have heard that its better than store bought and possibly synthetic (ewwww…really???)…and they were right!..Its so better ….

How I did this : first , I cleaned a canning jar (new one ..), got some good vodka (you can use any vodka..but if you have good stuff ..why not?? I can make a drink for me to sip while I make this ..ha!

A few vanilla beans…I purchased these (believe it or not) at our local store : Major Market..bourbon vanilla beans…

Heres my set up:

Here I use : two vanilla beans per cup of vodka..I put them in a small jar. Now you will want to make sure your liquid does not touch the lid…but other than that place your jar with the beans and the vodka together , and let it sit in a dry, no direct sunlight place , and check it once a week. Seriously, that’s it….easy , right?

Here I had to cut the bean to make it fit…lol
This is a week later (don’t forget to label your vanilla and date it )
This is two weeks ..I give it a little shake and a smell every week starting to smell sooo yummy!

These make perfect gifts too!~

If yours gets low, just add some more vodka…the older it is , the better it is . Use it in all of your recipes…we like to put about half a tsp in our pancake mix …YUM!!!

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Thank you for reading …let me know how it turned out!


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