Dehydrating Grapefruit for bath Products and more

I love the smell of grapefruit!…And in this season, its Spring here..the grapefruit are at their biggest and best. Grapefruit is revitalizing, can help with softening of the skin, and is said to help with depression, plus it has this awesome scent!

We use the grapefruit in our bath teas, salts , soak and soaps here at the farm..and also in our cooking, teas, waters too..we usually end up with an abundance of them each year and I prefer to dehydrate most of them for use throughout the year.

While you can dehydrate them in the over, or the sun..I prefer to use my dehydrator for this chore…especially , when its not hot or dry, like today. I also, am careful not to over heat them, because I want all the color, the oils..and the I chose a low and slow style of dehydrating. Start with ripe, firm grapefruit..not mushy, not parasites or bruises. Wash them and dry them completely before slicing.

When you are ready, very thinly slice them..smaller than 1/4 inch slices, in the round..

I start laying them out on the dehydrator racks , just slightly touching..see above. I do not add or sprinkle anything on them..just natural.

Keep slicing and filling the racks , until your dehydrator is full …I think I ended up using 6 large grapefruits.

Now, place all the racks in the dehydrator…Its going to take a few days …yes days!!!..I put the dehydrator between 110 degree F to 125 degree F..and check them every 12 hours.

This was the second day …They were not crispy enough..too much liquid remains in the I continued the process another full day…(I think I cut them too thick, lol)..But, Low and slow , keeps those beautiful colors and properties intact , its worth patient. Plus, the entire house smells sooo good!

Day Three, its finally done!..Lokk at the color , and it smells amazing too !..These can be stored in an airtight container in the pantry..sunlight can destroy those precious oils and colors, etc..if any part looks like its turning black (mold) please discard. The fruit should be very brittle at this point and break.

You can take the peels and powder them for cooking, teas, etc…

I take them and crumble them when I make bath salts several tablespoons per quart of dried herbs, flowers, etc.

I also, use this mixture on top of special soaps, body soaks, in shower steam or face steam bowls. The recipes are often different depending upon the time of year, availability , and purpose….

The point is , have fun…make your own wonderful bath and teas…above is an example of one of my winter blends bath salts…peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, rose petals, grapefruit, rose hips….smells devine!

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also see #dirtyhomesteading

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Thank you!


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