Drying Eucalyptus to use in your bath

Eucalyptus leaves, torn and ready for the dehydrator

Eucalyptus leaves are very stimulating for mind and body , they help with de congestion and is soothing at the same time. I use them in my bath teas (a mix of dried herbs, spices, green tea, flowers , citrus ..depends on my need at the time, in a tea bag) and I use them in the tub or in a foot bath. I also make Bath soaks with generous amounts of sea salts, clays and dried Herbs, leaves, etc…One of the most used item is this Eucalyptus leaves.

Eucalyptus is available all year long here in Southern California, and can be harvested by simply snipping a branch or two. While you can dry them by old traditional ways, like hanging them upside down near a window or on your porch…I like doing them in the dehydrator..I get an even dried product in about 8-9 hours, instead of days or even weeks.

Harvest your leaves in the afternoon, when there’s no mist or water droplets on them. I take them inside and separate the best leaves, and toss the not so good leaves in my compost pile. I prepare my dehydrator , and tear up the leaves, placing them near each other on the drying racks (see the picture above). You will love the scent coming from the dehydrator! Set your dehydrator to 135F for 9 hours..mine has a shut off, if yours does not, check it a hour 7. When your leaves are done, you should be able to “crunch” them…there should be no bending, or moisture present at all.

store dried leaves in an air tight jar or bag

I remove the dried leaves and store them in air tight containers or bags, in the pantry. Be sure not to let your leaves get in sunlight, sunlight can destroy some of those awesome properties that you want in your leaves! I store mine in the pantry, and I check them over and move them around weekly..to check for mold, or any thing that looks funny. I do not use any chemical preservatives, and I encourage you to do the same..allot of those chemicals are not good for you!..These last about a year (if you dont use them all like we do!)

Eucalyptus into powder for use

While you CAN use the torn leaves as is..I found that to get that really great scent, oils and benefits from my leaves in my products..I like to grind them up. You can use what ever you like..but I have a special grinding bowl I use for my herbs, I love this bowl for grinding up my herbs…you will like the wonderful scent this creates while you are doing this !…And, you get to use the whole leaf!..

To make a simple relaxing bath tea :

get a medium to large bath tea bag

1 cup of epsom salt

1/2 cup sea salt

Green tea bag …open up tea and mix with salts..optional

1/4 cup baking soda

A Tablespoon of your ground eucalyptus leaves

a sprinkle of : dried rosemary/lavender/citrus slices or peels

optional: 4 drops of each tea tree oil, peppermint, essential oils

put all ingredients in to the tea bag and allow to float in a tub (or for foot bath in bowl) of warm water….you can squeeze the bag, or move it around to get the salts to dissolve

This is the time to make your self a cup of tea, relax, read a book…its wonderful to be able to make your own bath products!

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Bath teas will be available soon at the site above as well .

Thank you and enjoy yourself and enjoy learning…Till next time!

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