Notice I didn’t say fresh, farm and fresh mean a whole lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Researching what local means to different people is surprising too. A few trips around some farmers markets, and me and my smart phone, and some good questions…you can start to seperate what is flashy, what is actually real..who actually raises the meat, where, great question is “what kind of feed are you feeding? “Or what percentage of protein do you feed ? ” or the best one , just to start is ” what breed is it or are they? ” 

These are my beginner questions …unfortunately,  allot can’t answer them…worse is they don’t even advise ..walk on by! The best thing about being a 4h leader and having a 4h kid that truly cares about raising these animals the best way we can,  is that , all of us know the answers. All of us can tell you what the breed is, what we fed, how..even down to the feed to weight gain ratios and much more information about them ( even if you don’t want to know, lol). Will ( the 4h kid) has to buy them, pay for the feed and arrange for processing.  He has to keep track of his investment,  and put extra monies in his savings.

Buying a meat chicken, rabbit or hog from will truly get a farm fresh product that tastes and is what farm fresh meat should be, and you willbe supporting one..a real local family, two..helping kids get a great start in learning about farming and life, back to your local community. ..

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I am an active mom, business owner, constant DIY and inventor. Love animals, educating people about simple farm and life, 4-H leader, and more:)

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