That first drop of rain, the humid air, that quiet….it’s all I need to want to light a few candles, get my favorite book, gather my salts, oils and dried herbs and head off to the bath.

Days are filled with kids, kid’s activities, house, animals, work..something needs to give. .something like me..or you. It’s my excuse, or maybe right ..rainy , stormy weather is my , it’s time to relax..

I make my own bath soak..and I add extra herbs, essential oils for what ever I think I need at the time, so can you.

I place 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salts in first.,  let the water run a little..then some sea salts..I like Himalayan sea salts

A handful of dried herbs ( usually I go for rosemary, lavender, and add flower petals like roses, hibiscus,  plumeria ..

Then about 10 drops of peppermint, lavender, lemongrass essential oils…each ( can add what you’s really up to you )..then relax…read mybook..soak..feel the stress leaving  mybody:)…

When I am ready to get out, I take my favorite bath oil..grapefruit and rub my feet,legs , arms…it’s wonderful!

The ready made soak and oils are available at The Land of Milk and Honey booth at the Temecula farmers market every Saturday,  or when supplies are available online at 

Happy relaxing!

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I am an active mom, business owner, constant DIY and inventor. Love animals, educating people about simple farm and life, 4-H leader, and more:)

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