Some of us are getting excited for the day and night going out, to romantic movies, restaurants, getting expensive flowers, chocolates (and the lucky!) But, those few, precious few of us that have worked all week , dealt with kids, business matters, taxes(yuck),etc, etc..really want to stay home and relax   and have it all!…

Who says you cant?..You, society?, what? If you have a special someone that you want to make something (or you want this) a little special at home…you can. It takes a little preparing, but you can do this. Go to your local grocery store and get a bottle of your or their favorite wine (or their best suggestion), a nice block of cheese, some fancy crackers..set this aside for the big night. Next, go to your favorite farmers market…theres bound to be soap maker there that makes soap from scratch (like us), get a nice bar of soap, and some bath salts (natural ones)..the last thing you need to do is cover you or your special loved one in chemicals and preservatives. Then walk around and pick up some fruits and veggies, flowers can find some awesome deals right before a holiday …

With some special dishes and towels, you can have a basket that is worth more than any other that you could find at a store…now, you have all the ingredients for a relaxing, night for you or your special somebody…why not make this a monthly event?..look forward to it , plan the night, mark it off on your calendar…get excited about going to the store and picking up a little something now and again, not just for!..But for you and your special person, or just yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be a fun adventure

Join me on the relaxing and fun goal to have  “me” day or a together day, once a month!

Happy Day!






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I am an active mom, business owner, constant DIY and inventor. Love animals, educating people about simple farm and life, 4-H leader, and more:)

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