Involving kids in your life? are you kidding ..??? Ha Ha!  As you laugh because , everything you do is about your kids right? You feed them, you take them to school, you get them to practice, you buy them the latest game ..etc etc…but is it preparing them for life on their own? I am sure you are thinking that you are trying to give them the best in life..but are you really doing them a favor?

Think about it …what if they were the ones in charge?, what if they had to be the ones to make their own life decisions and not you? Did you prepare them enough?..or are you living  through them?…


I know I am not perfect, but letting my kids try things that I think are beyond them  and seeing what they they can do , has opened my eyes to how much they are capable of. We recently gave our son a 1970 GMC truck, that doesn’t run (he is 11 years od age) and told him that this is his truck..if he wants to drive it , own it etc, he can. But he needs to learn how to work on it , and earn the money to fix it by the time he gets his license. Well, he saved up for a Chiltons book on his truck, studied on how to work on it and what was wrong with it based on his findings. He really surprised us by accurately diagnosing and trying to fix the problems with the engine and the truck body , he was able to diagnose a problem with my truck , by himself..he even had a birthday party and told the guests that he wanted tools so he can work on it!

This , is just an example of what things kids can and are able to do ..if we give them the chance and allow them. We have to step back and let them fall or rise to the challenge. In the picture, our son on his own, decided to go out and dig a trench to allow the water to drain away from the house. And you know what? It worked, and it was perfect….if we did not allow him to try new things and fail or succeed, and guide him gently..he would never have rose to challenge  like this at his age. So, let them try…you may be surprised!!!


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I am an active mom, business owner, constant DIY and inventor. Love animals, educating people about simple farm and life, 4-H leader, and more:)

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