Yes, I know..there’s allot of controversy about where our food comes these days. Is it organic? Is it natural? Free range..and what does this all mean anyway? You know , I have noticed, more and more non farm people are asking about raising their own meat..and a good place to start is a meat chicken.

What is a meat chicken? It is typically a Cornish cross hybrid..( a Cornish breed bred to a white Rock ) ..creating a fast growing, meaty chicken that can be processed in as little as 6 to 8 weeks of age. No, they are not genetically modified, hormone is just a mix of meaty , fast growing cornish, mixed with a larger production breed… Not allot of time commitment,  not allot of space needed, and you can order these chicks either through your local feed store..or better yet , yourself and they willbe delivered to your local postoffice! 

A little research about what your county regulations allow and your local HOA, but most people that can handle a small flock of chickens( or are able to) can have a few meat chickens ( broilers). You will need a brood er box ( a small enclosed pen, with a heat lamp  , a feeder and waterer).When the chicks get big enough,,a grow pen to let them “finish” growing. Remember, it only takes between 6 to 8 weeks total, so once your new chicks arrive, be aware that the processing day will be here faster than you think!

Think about knowing where your food came from, where and how they were raised..and that you raised it! You can do this…

Worried about processing? Best bet would be to find a local farmer to watch processing , or there’s lots of you tube videos, references, etc..remember..relax, you can do it..think about how awesome it is to have done this yourself!

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