Kids: involving kids …in Life

We raise natural chickens, rabbits, goats, etc, make from scratch :soaps, balms and scrubs, teach 4h, beekeeping, etc

Yes , yes you can raise meat chickens!

Yes, I know..there’s allot of controversy about where our food comes these days. Is it organic? Is it natural? Free range..and what does this all mean anyway? You know , I have noticed, more and more non farm people are asking about raising their own meat..and a good place to start is a meat chicken. …

Farmers Market: Getting the best EGGS

Going to a farmers market does not always guarantee that you are going to get good quality eggs, produce, etc…but , it is a slight step better than the commercial grocery store. You want, no I mean , NEED to have a relationship with the farmers. Go ahead, talk to them , ask them questions!..We …

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