Milk…the goat…


Milking can be a rewarding experience and delishous one as well.Plus your girls will enjoy it .
Getting that great creamy milk every day is an easy task..but it takes a little time and building good routine helps too. We start by always offering good food and fresh water… next,making sure hooves are trimmed..worming is on time and goats are comfy…we use skin so soft to help keep fly’s away ..
Next,using sanitized stainless steel buckets…is a must. We have the milk bucket and we have a wash bucket filled with warm water and a drop of dish soap.
Get all set up..then we put our goat in the milking station….we do a quick inspection ..then use a light mist of udder wash and wipe off with our damp clean cloth from the wash bucket…hands are clean…we spray out the first squeeze from the teat..position our milk bucket..and away we go…
After we milk …we put the bucket in ice water to cool the milk….spray the udders with a chlorhex udder spray… and you are now ready to process your milk….

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